Northwest Connecticut Million Mom March Chapter | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Northwest Connecticut Million Mom March Chapter

Chapters of The Brady Campaign and Million Mom March work within their local communities and in Washington to bring about change at the local, state, and federal levels.

Chapter members may be found phone banking their elected officials to support expanded Brady Background Checks, educating pediatricians on the importance of safely storing firearms in the home, or signing up new members at a local Farmer's Market.

When you join a chapter, your voice is amplified and added to hundreds of other chapter members nationwide. Whether you want to help out twice a week or twice a year, now is the time to get involved!

Since 2000, members of the Million Mom March have been working tirelessly at the grassroots level to bring about a safer country with less gun violence. Together, we can prevent gun violence, save lives, and protect children in every neighborhood across America.

By joining a local Chapter you can help hold elected officials accountable and make a real difference in the safety of your family, neighbors, and fellow Americans.